Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New for Valentine's Day!

 This year I've updated my most popular Valentine's Day items, with much fancier pendants, and new features. 

  • Texture change metals (Silver, gold, and bronze)
  • Gemstone change (Female Classic style only)
  • Reads a customized poem or message on touch to the wearer only
  • Locket opens and closes on touch
  • Customizable with YOUR own locket picture!
  • Hand-painted textures

Key to my Heart v2 comes in two styles, Classic and Celtic, for both men and women.  Details behind the cut.

New items, with a Victorian flair

New stuff that looks old!  Yay!

Current & Upcoming Hunts

Hunts?  There's always a couple going on here.  Currently, or starting any day now we've got Bourbon Street 3, Beauty of the Peacock, and Tainted Love 4.  Preview pics behind the cut -